If you are not satisfied with the teacher, we'd try to find you an acceptable replacement. It's entirely up to you who is working out as a member of staff. 

It is often a question of fit and expectations whether a school-teacher relationship is a good match, and we encourage both schools and teachers to describe in detail what works for them and what they are looking for.

But there will be occasions where it is not working in the way envisioned. If this happens, we would be very keen to find out why a particular staff member is not appropriate for the role as posted .This is for the benefit of other schools and also for the teacher him/herself. For example, we sponsor certain targeted CPD courses if there is anything particular where a teacher gets feedback on, and we also collaborate regarding return to teaching courses if relevant. We could also ask teachers to consider limiting the year groups or subjects they work in if we think this would improve the chance of good working relationships in the future.

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