For longer roles, sometimes schools would like to offer a teacher a fixed-term contract rather than a casual contract. This means the teacher is paid a monthly salary during employment with the school. It is often a way to invite the teacher to become part of a school for a long-term booking and can be a simple, convenient solution for both school and teacher – e.g. you may be able to avoid timesheets. 

For this arrangement to be successful, expectations need to be aligned and the teacher and the school need to have a clear view of times, payments and effort required.

Please make sure you have considered the following:

  • What is the rate you are offering? If you offer a monthly salary, how does that compare to the teacher’s desired day rate? Are they aware of any arrangements for e.g. sickness and holiday entitlements? 

  • Please be clear with the teacher if the contract is term-time only and what the termination date is e.g. if your agreement is “until Easter”, will you be paying for part of Easter break, or does the contract end before the Easter holiday?

  • Will there be any PPA time, is there training/CPD available? This is particularly important if the teacher expects to count this time to their NQT time.

  • Are there any other expectations (e.g. are you expecting the teacher to come in before term to prepare a classroom, or to run after-school clubs)?

If you would like assistance or have any questions about these alternatives to paying day rates and how to avoid timesheet reporting for long-term roles, please call us on 0330 122 6629.

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