The school will receive all the details required to set up a teacher on payroll .  
This will include
NI Number
HMRC starters checklist
Bank details
Teachers pension opt out form if they do not require to be enrolled in the  Teachers Pension Scheme.
The teacher will then be paid by the school on completion of timesheets at the agreed day rate.
A timesheet will be completed by the teacher on a weekly basis.

Teachers do not have to be removed from the payroll if they are likely to be used again- which will mean they will not have to be set up again in the future, only those which the school would not require again should be removed.

Self employed teachers will supply invoices and time sheets to enable them to be paid.
Airsupply will invoice you weekly for their services.  The invoice will be based on the days on the agreed day rate and the agreed Airsupply fee percentage.

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