A good profile makes it easier for the teacher to arrive prepared and ready.
The basic profile has the bare minimum of information, based on public sources. It makes it easy for the teacher to find you and understand the basics about your school. However, if you are able to add more information, it will help ensure the match is a good one. 

The first thing to do is to fill out the name of the contact person the teacher should ask for, and the safeguarding contact. The "about us" section can help a prospective teacher understand what your ethos and your priorities are for a better fit with what they can offer and are looking for.

The most frequently requested information by teachers:

  • Parking around your school and relevant public transport information

  • Anything particular to be aware of, e.g. to find the right entrance

  • Lunch availability - where and when

  • Any particular pupil behaviour rules, sanctions/merits

You can update your school profile at any time.

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