You are free to offer the role to any of the teachers who submit interest, and you will see their total day cost, distance from your school and profile before you decide.

The  agreed daily cost for the teacher will include what the teacher wishes to earn per day (day rate), employers NI contributions, employers pension contributions ( if the supply staff have opted in) and the agency fee.

For example:
Teachers agreed day rate      £100.00
Employers NI                             £13.80
Airsupply fee (during pilot)         £7.50 (invoiced separately)
TOTAL Day cost to school      £121.30 For teachers without pension

Employers Pension Cont           £16.48
TOTAL Day cost to school       £137.78 For teachers with pension

The total cost to the school  can be used to compare with other agency rates as their day cost will also include the amount paid to teachers, employers costs (NI & Pension) an allowance for holiday pay  and their fee.

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